My campaign is open. I'm here to listen, and organize, and fight for our progressive values.



We're fighting to keep Montefiore MV Hospital open. COVID19 has disproportionately impacted the black and brown community and for the city of Mount Vernon, which is the only majority-black municipality above the Mason Dixon Line, to lose its hospital is a crime and a major public safety hazard. It's vital that the community maintains its hospital in its fullest capacity.


As someone who has worked in the business community, I strongly believe in supporting our small businesses in every way possible. We can do so via P3's, Public-Private Partnerships.


Areas that are prime for assistance are Gramatan Avenue, 4th St, 3rd St, and Sandford Boulevard which serves as the main corridor to Mount Vernon. The majority of local businesses have been ravaged by Covid19, and we have to think creatively to foster an environment that is conducive to their reemergence. 


Barring any outstanding events, we're looking to complete the project by late 2021. MF can serve as not only an asset for the city of Mount Vernon but also to the entire county and region. We can host revenue-generating events such as concerts and semi-professional contests as well as provide a safe green space for the community to congregate.


Mount Vernon is a city that doesn't have much green space. We need to plant more trees and clean up our waterways, including a full mapping of our waste management system. We should also look to implement more solar, wind, and turbine energy sources locally. A better, cleaner, greener city is the best future for Mount Vernon.

 CENSUS 2030 

The US Census is an extremely important part of our democracy. Federal funding, who represents us in government and so much more is predicated on how many individuals, regardless of status, participate in the census. Historically, the city of Mount Vernon has been severely undercounted.


To date, Mount Vernon’s US Census participation rate hovers around 57% which essentially puts us in the last place in Westchester County. Per the last Census in 2010, we have 68,000 residents who call Mount Vernon home but according to best estimates and independent studies, we actually have nearly 100,000 residents who call our great city home.


This lack of participation translates to $75,000,000 in lost revenue per year, for the next ten years, for youth and senior programs, infrastructural improvements, healthcare necessities, education funding plus so much more.


My plan via the “Project 2030" initiative, will encourage the community to be proactive instead of reactive by educating residents now about the importance of the US Census before 2030’s census operation begins.


We must make sure that underserved communities get access to technology, especially now. As we segue into virtual and hybrid learning, we must guarantee that every child has access.


A longtime community activist committed to representing underserved communities of color and improving Mount Vernon. Tyrae is one of us.